Turn data into health value.

Unlock the future of data-powered health and healthcare with our digital health consulting, research and development services. From vision to plan to delivery. Whatever you may be up to, we'll see you through:

Healthcare Providers & Institutions

Get your data ready to improve patient care, do turnkey research, tap into artificial intelligence or streamline your processes.

Diagnostics & Laboratories

Use your data to create added value for your customers, improve supplies prediction or create new types of technological markers and diagnostic tools.

Medical Societies & Decision Makers

Make digitalization, data and interoperability a core priority and transform your knowledge and processes for even greater reach and better healthcare.

Startups and not-anymore-Startups

Untangle yourself and get affordable help to fit all those puzzle pieces into place, make regulatory your best friend and save time and money.

Our Areas of Focus

We help you leverage and interweave the following core aspects of digital health:
Health & Healthcare Data

Health & Healthcare Data

Data is at the heart of many modern applications in health and healthcare. We help you develop a plan for the exact steps to transform this data into value and make it usable in data-driven applications, including data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning & Information Systems

Machine Learning & Information Systems

Key to true data utility are the algorithms and machine learning models created from the data, and the software systems that bring the data to life. We help you design tailor-made, interoperable system architectures for turning your data into a complete software application that plays well with your existing IT infrastructure.

Medical Device Regulatory

Medical Device Regulatory

Creating software as a medical device comes with a plethora of regulatory requirements which should be considered from the very first moment on. Merging regulatory, healthcare and IT knowledge, we provide you with practical, multi-perspective guidance on creating an MDR compliant digital health product.

Digital Health Innovation

Digital Health Innovation

Turning vision into innovation sometimes is just a matter of identifying a need and knowing the possibilities. Overseeing the full path from healthcare through technical implementation to market, we help you take the next step and design the future generation of health applications.

Make data, systems and regulatory work for your innovation.


Howto Health Digital Business Solutions is positioned at the very interface between digital and health. Translating between these two exciting domains, we offer the following services:

Helping you make a plan

Individual Consulting

Whether you're looking for advice how to process your data for a specific type of application or analysis, you want to learn how to do a usability evaluation of your ready made software product, or you're looking for someone to guide you through the full process of creating a medical software product from idea to market, we've got you covered. Whatever your knowledge need in digital health data, systems, regulatory, and innovation may be, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Helping you specify what you need

Requirements Analysis

When creating digital health solutions, an important first step is often to thoroughly identify and analyze the requirements of the different stakeholders involved. Our rare understanding of both health and IT domains allows us to not only seamlessly translate requirements from med to tech, but to also integrate different perspectives in a structured analysis report ready to be used for system design.

Helping you become data-driven

Data Modelling and Integration

If data is at the heart of modern health care applications, the data model is this heart's anatomy. It provides structure and semantics to the data. With an eye for existing standards such as SNOMED, LOINC, and FHIR and a love for interoperability, we help you create solid data models as the very foundation of your data-driven health application. Together with the data model, we help you stratify your data and make sure that it tells you what you think it should. We identify which analytics and AI applications the data can be used for, and how it might need to be transformed in order to derive the greatest value from it.

Helping you get things right

Systems Architecture Design

Translating a health or healthcare need into an actual system with data storage, processing and machine learning components, user interfaces, and possibly cloud based service interoperability can be challenging - and finding the best system architecture to balance performance and regulatory viability even more so. A cleverly designed system architecture can actively reduce regulatory overhead and cost. We help you find the best cut for your system and, if needed, help you design the complete system architecture right away.

Helping you understand

Workshops & Training

Looking for a focused overview presentation of the various aspects of digital health solutions to update your knowledge? Or rather for a tailor fit hands-on training workshop including an analysis of your own individual application? With experience from teaching top-rated university classes and trainings, and giving countless presentations on a variety of levels of technical depth, you'll be surprised by the new perspective you might gain when seeing things through a broader lens - or through a magnifying glass with a clear focus on health data and systems and their very specific characteristics.

Helping you create

Software development

The best plan is void without proper execution. We help you bring your vision to life in a quality-made software solution that combines all the best practices your looking for in a data-powered, interoperable digital health application. For selected clients, we develop custom health data processing and information systems. Some production, some R&D, some highly experimental.

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